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Europe’s largest Rod meeting postponed to 2021 @ Öland
Jul 1 @ 12:51 pm – Jul 4 @ 1:51 pm
Europe's largest Rod meeting postponed to 2021 @ Öland

Europe’s largest Rod meeting on Öland, Sweden 25-28 June 2020 and the registration opens already October 21.

SSRA – Swedish Street Rod Association celebrates 45 years and invites you to a meeting on Öland. Hot Rod friends from the other European countries are invited and SSRA has already received positive answers from both England and Germany as well as Switzerland.

This is whats gonna happen during the celebration weekend:

Thursday, 25/6: Check-in is open all day and in the evening we will show the movie “The Pioneers” at Strand Hotel.

Friday, 26/6: Check-in for those who do not have time to come on Thursday. 10.00 – 12.00: Start on our Rod Run with Hot Rod parade via the pedestrian street in Borgholm and then out into the scenic island landscape where there will be 4 checks at different locations. There are restaurants where you can snack and have lunch at all the controls. All four will have special Hot Rod menus at a discounted price. During a check, we visit a museum to which everyone who paid the registration fee has free entry. In the evening there will be pub night with barbecue buffet ‘at Strand Hotel, as well as music entertainment. Please note that the barbecue buffet needs to be booked in conjunction with registration and hotel booking.

Saturday 27/6: 10 am – 2 pm: Show and Shine exhibition in the Social Park in central Borgholm where the public is also welcome. 18.00 – 20.00: Dinner at Strand Hotell for those who order this. During dinner, some of our VIP guests will also talk about the development of the Hot Rod hobby and SSRA in Sweden over the past 45 years. 20.00 – 21.00: Great prize giving that everyone is welcome to attend.

The awards are many and the prize table hughe

This year’s SSRA Rod 2020 Best in Show (which wins a US trip) Best Junior Rodder Best Top 10 Car Sports Classic Special Award VIP Guests ‘Special Awards Best Innovation Rod Rodders’ Choice (you vote for the Rod you like best) Jury’s Choice Long Distance

For more info and how to attend, please visit ssra.org