Our vision of The Evil Monkey Magazine is to be a mirror of the real deal. We are like our readers, spending hours and hours in the garage to be able to ride what we created by our self. We are really suckers for wheels that actually are really used, no matter if you take long roadtrips on your chopper, race with your vintage bike, attend the Street Week with your Rat Rod, we like it, a lot!!! And thats what we want our readers just not to read about but actually feel, when they open the magazine. In this family spirit we also wanna help all and everyone trying to make a living out of their passion (we all know how much work and hours one have to put in to it). Therefor we would like to try another way to make the magazine going than the traditional way, by selling ads. Instead we need your help selling subscriptions or The magazine if you like. As payment for your work and effort you get ad space in the magazine and on our website. We also like cooperation so if we are on to something you are our first choice of partner.

Why we choosed to make the mag in english? Scandinavian Kustom Kulture are wellknown for a special style, extremly good craftmanship and a huge variation of builds and to get rest of to world to have an idea of this the easiest way is to let them read about in a language they understand. And since we started in september we got subscribers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, USA and Netherlands, so it seems like we are on to something.


Send us a mail @ or give us a ring @ +46-73 088 1950

For more detailed information about how this partnership rolls
please download it by clicking HERE for english or HERE for swedish. 🙂

Have a great one and as always RIDE SAFE, BUT FAST!