We are just about three weeks away until its time to warm up your engine, slip in to your steel shoe, check the gas and oil levels and not least make sure that you signed in for the first round of Scandinavian Flat Track Cup and The Battle of Vikings! This year is epic though we for the first time have a round in Finland, one in Sweden and one in Norway. The Scandinavian flat track community is expanding but we still wanna keep the familiar feeling both at the track as well as in the pit. Everyone is included wheter you are a pro rider or a total rookie just attending for the first time.

For us as organizers, time is always an issue since we work our asses off to get everything prepared, in time. Among that is registration and starting lists a huge part and therefor we have set a last date for registration this year. For Finland and Hyvinkää we do extend the date a couple of days since the rulebook in Finland was as late. You can sign up until April 30 but we kindly ask everyone to sign up asap to save us labours some night work. Do you have any questions about practical items, rules or what kind of class you should enter, just shout out in or facebook group dedicated for the cup participants, old and new,https://www.facebook.com/groups/594474369160847 or post an email at info@theevilmonkey.se and we make sure the right person answer your specific topic.

At this page https://theevilmonkey.se/scandinavian-flat-track-cup-monkey-race-days-ft-trotteln-i-taket/ you find most of the information you need, read it…and do not weep… if you still are unsure, just let us know.

So lets sign up and btw dont forget to grease your throttle cable and remember brakes are the worst enemy against speed…

To Sign up for Hyvinkää Finland May 11 and Round 1 click here
BEWARE Last date for REGISTRATIONS April 20 2024.

To sign up for Monkey Race Days Vetlanda Sweden July 5-6 and Round 2 click here
BEWARE Last date for REGISTRATIONS June 15 2024.To sign up for

Greenland Flat track, Skien Norway and Round 3 click here
BEWARE Last date for REGISTRATIONS August 1 2024.

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