Whats a good weekend for U? For us the definition is speed dust, nice rides, good people and the best afterparty. As it looks now this years Monkey race days will cover it all. Riders from all over, fearless crazy fast Fins, vintage nerds from Sweden, Norway and Germany, kick ass framer riders from all countrys and of course some hot ladys in Supergirls, even the young ones found its way and from Norway we have the talent Malene Solvang and Finland is of course bringing their own Saku Purtilo. We this time have to do without Ole Kløvfjell from Norway but he will be back for the 3rd round.

The weekend will start off already on thursday July 4th when two times Flat Track World Champion Lasse Kurvinen is joining us for some developing of our skills having his Flat Track school. A bunch of riders from all countrys already signed up and we are sure we will fill the 20 exclusive spots we can offer this time. (if interested send us a mail at info@theevilmonkey.se) On friday we are aiming for more fun than actual speed when the street legal bikes battle of precious titles as Peoples choice, or The oldest couple. Vintage is the word of the event and it offers a variety seldom seen at a race track. Friday afternoon covers practise between 16.00 and 19.00 for the ones with fast sunglasses and we end the day as it should be done; dinner, live music and THE afterparty. To join the afterparty as a non rider you need a party ticket and you need to buy it in advance and you do it here https://theevilmonkey.se/produkt-kategori/event/events-and-races-in-sweden. Rider dinner is held 19.30 and as soon as dinner is served to the hungry riders we open the doors for the rest of the pack. The party ends at 01.00 since its racing on Saturday and that starts with practise between 9.00 and 11.00. First start will be at 11.20 and we keep going until apx 16.00 ending the race with award ceremony. Saturday ends with something small to eat and what we expect a slow version of afterparty. Your afterparty ticket for friday is of course valid for Saturday night as well.

For camping plz mail us at info@theevilmonkey.se and tell us if you have tent or van. Camping is 50 sek and covers use of toilets, water etc.

Does this sound like a perfect weekend too U? Yes we thougt so!!! To find out more about each day of the weekend plz visit our facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/events/299162379772121/?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[]%7D and https://www.facebook.com/events/890209352563534/?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[]%7D

Pictures by JP Purtilo and Johanna Jardbring

Are you a bit curious about what to expect? Than we can reveal some real good stuff. In Vintage class brothers Martin and Magnus Kempe attending with their old WL/KR and WL/Magnum, so does Norweigan Gunnar Solvang. Nils-Johan Palm is bringing his 1928 HD and new to Scandinavian Flat Track Cup and Monkey Race Days, but still familiar to most of us, Claes Lindblom on his magnificant Husqvarna 730 Special from 1926. In the Hooligans and the Vintage real deal you will see a bunch of sportsters from different years and the riders are definatly the though ones sliding around the oval track on thoose heavy bikes. For the ones who never heard the revving down the straights of the iconic XR750 – Harley Davidsons best bike ever built – this is your chance we got two signed up for the Thunderbike class and during the open pit you should definatly visit and have a closer look, they does not only look good from the grand stands, they are pure masterpieces in all details.

Not least in the pro open class the Finns and the Norweigans will dominate. Except for Lasse Kurvinen we are having among other really really fast ones Mikko Koskinen who ended up on second spot in Finland and Norweigan Øyvind Dahl who gave the Finns a good race and ended up on third.

Monkey Race Days featuring Trotteln i Taket second round of Scandinavian Flat Track Cup offering sweets for the eye, the sound of history, the smell of hi octane gasoline, good vibes, speed and a community when entered you never wanna leave! So dont miss the chance to get addicted U too. Be there or be square!

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